The secret of Tesla’s autopilot software


The autopilot is an advanced system that assists drivers in certain scenarios and enhances safety and drivers’ confidence behind the wheel. When it is used properly and on a proper road, it can help the driver relax and let the car do the driving. Nowadays, the smartest and safest autopilot software is made by Tesla Inc.

Features of Tesla’s autopilot software

One of the most important features of Tesla’s autopilot software is traffic-aware cruise control. Thanks to this feature, the speed of your car matches the surroundings, which makes every-day driving much more comfortable.

The next one is the autosteer which helps you steer and control your car more easily. You can also use the auto lane change that allows you to change lanes if you need to overtake the car in front of you.

Besides the autopilot, there is the full self-driving capability feature, but neither of the two means that you do not have to be attentive and keep your hands on the wheel. It is important to emphasize that Tesla cars are not yet autonomous cars.  

Autopark and smart summon features

Other amazing features of Tesla’s autopilot software include the autopark and smart summon features. 

The autopark option allows you to park your car automatically with just a press of a button.

The smart summon feature is still unbelievable to some people. This feature relies on cameras and an app on your smartphone to bring the car to you. The smart summon feature uses navigation and GPS on your phone to find you in the parking lot and help your car drive itself to you.

There are more amazing features expected to be included this year, such as the recognition of traffic lights and traffic signs and automatic driving on city streets.

The software of these cars needs to be updated regularly, just like your phone or computer. When it is connected, it downloads the update, installs it and you are ready to go.

The future of self-driving cars

It is amazing how far the development of technology has come. In the near future, it will no longer be necessary to focus on driving your car and you will no longer need to bear the feeling of tiredness after long hours of driving. Self-driving cars are expected to help reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by humans and contribute to saving the environment.

At the moment, Tesla cars are not self-driving cars. They are equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, but it is still necessary for the driver to pay attention to the road and the traffic. However, having all these amazing features in mind, it is sure that future developments will be more than exciting.