Useful info on the cloud gaming market


When we talk about gaming, a lot of things come to mind. Some people think of gaming as a fun pastime activity, whereas for others gaming can be a full-time job; likewise, some people immediately think of video games, while other think of Online Slots. Whatever the case, it is quite difficult to find a person who has never played a game, having in mind the numerous kinds of games and gaming consoles.

In recent years, online gaming has become quite popular. So many people all around the world can enjoy online gaming thanks to the cloud gaming market.   

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming allows the user to directly stream the game on their computer, phone, or console. The game stays on a third-party company’s server instead of the user’s device. This means that you do not need to buy additional hardware to play online games.

Some of the best-known cloud gaming services include Stadia operated by Google and Microsoft’s xCloud. Many other successful companies are working on establishing partnerships in order to enter the cloud gaming market.

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Services of the cloud gaming market

The cloud allows companies to provide gaming services despite lower internet speeds. Users have the option to save their gaming progress and access their profiles at any time. Also, they can stream videos and communicate with players all over the world, including countries where telecommunication infrastructure is not so developed.

Cloud gaming on smartphones

In the era of smartphones and tablets, gaming companies are changing their platforms. In fact, successful gaming companies know that their users want to be able to turn on their game in any place and at any time. Because of that, the cloud gaming market provides its services on smartphones and other portable devices as well. 

Business models of the cloud gaming market

Gaming companies are focusing on making partnerships with internet providers and telecom companies so that they can extend their services and enter the cloud gaming market. They can establish business-to-business relationships and make use of their fiber infrastructure and 4G and 5G services. On the other hand, there is a business-to-consumer model, meaning that the company relies on external stakeholders and can also personalize their services for every customer.

Nowadays, it takes a lot of investment to be a gamer as the value of gaming systems varies a lot. Furthermore, a lot of regions of the world do not have access to computer systems that can support high-quality games. Therefore, cloud gaming is the best solution. It helps companies reach new customers and gain more profit. At the same time, it allows users to enjoy playing games without buying additional hardware. We all know that gaming is a big part of many people’s lives so we can expect that the cloud gaming market will continue developing.