GeForce Now vs. Google Stadia


The development of the Internet has truly changed the way we perceive the world. Thanks to it, a new era of computers came to be, where we can read a Spela Casino Review anytime, and we no longer need to physically possess hardware in order to store our data. Of course, cloud computing is the reason for this. It has eliminated the need for crowded service rooms on your premises, and it is the ideal solution both for private users, as well as for businesses of any size, due to its ease of access and economical characteristics. You pay for what you use so that your expenses are optimized. All of this can also refer to cloud gaming.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is based around the same principle that cloud computing, in general, is based on. More precisely, there is a remote server, with data on it, that a user accesses from their device, without having to install the entire game. This approach to gaming is very good, as it allows any user with a reliable Internet connection to connect to a server and play games, even with devices that are not very powerful. Although this is a fairly new concept in the world of gaming, some companies emerged with products that will gather lots of clients – GeForce Now, and Google Stadia.

What is GeForce Now?

GeForce now is a cloud gaming service started by Nvidia; it was originally launched in 2013 as NVIDIA GRID, and today it includes a library of over a hundred games, most of which you can choose from and play for free.

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a similar web-based service released by Google in 2019. It features a controller, which was developed especially for it, with controls you can use to play virtually any game that you find on Stadia.

What is the difference between GeForce Now and Stadia?

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Maybe because Nvidia has had the time to develop their product better and better suit the needs of the market, GeForce Now has several advantages over Stadia. First of all, the number of games featured on it is far greater than those on Stadia. Moreover, Stadia is not so readily available to users, as it does require a specialized controller for playing; this alone might be the reason that people go for Nvidia’s option instead. What is probably the most important thing of all, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service also has a free option, whereas Google’s contestant charges a subscription which is considered by some to be too expensive. Once you settle on your preferred subscription or payment plans, there is also another significant advantage of GeForce Now –it has individual graphics settings for every game that you want to play. Google Stadia only has very vague settings of three levels of the quality of your streaming, whereas, with Nvidia, you can personally tweak and adjust any part of the game according to your liking.

What cloud gaming service should you choose?

Although both of these providers essentially have good service and plenty of games to choose, Nvidia, in this case, managed to create an all-round better cloud gaming service that you should check out.